1. How to Use the Course

Welcome to the course. If you have any issues or questions, then email me at either [email protected] or leave your comment below.

This course is designed to train students in interviewing techniques. By the end of this course, students will have an in-depth knowledge of interviewing skills.

How to Use the Course
The videos are short and sweet to introduce you to the basic concept. After you've watched the video, read the text / PDF. The idea will be explained in more detail / expanded further. Some of the videos/points are short. I've done this on purpose. If I hit you with a wall of information, you won't remember it all. By breaking it up into little chunks and drip-feeding the info, there's a better chance of retention. Some examples may seem simple, but I have to do this so people new to interviewing will understand the point.

Deliberate Repetition
I've deliberately repeated information in this course. If you come across a lecture and hear/read the same thing again, this is on purpose. There's a lot of information here, and I'm using deliberate repetition to drive the points home.

The nuts and bolts of the course deals with the technical side of questioning. The rest of the course adds the 'colour', which can enhance your interviewing technique.

Once you've finished with the page, click 'Complete and continue' at the top of the page.

If the Video Doesn't Play/Load
Teachable run this site, so all technical issues lie with them. Most of the time, just refreshing the page in your browser reloads the video.

Fully Mobile Compatible
This course is fully mobile compatible. Just log in via your phone/tablet, and you can study on the go.

All the best and talk soon!

P.S. You can skip this intro video if you want :)


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